Home Equity Loan Calculator: Finding How Much Equity You Really Have

Home equity is a really beneficial thing for many people. If you have a reasonable amount of equity on your home mortgage, then you can borrow against this so that you can start on one of many home improvement projects to improve the value of your home or use it to pay for college or to pay off your debts. Even if you have bad credit, a home equity loan is possible if you have a mortgage that you are keeping up with and at least some home equity with which to work with. If you want to borrow money against your equity, you first need to figure out how much home equity you have to work with. Thus, by using a home equity loan calculator, you can see the maximum amount you have to play with. To do this, you should be aware of how much your mortgage is, how much you have paid on this home loan, the value of your home, and what your credit rating is like. The following includes some basic information about using a home equity loan calculator to figure out the kind of loan for which you can apply.

Figure Out Your Equity With Home Equity Loan Calculator

Basically, with a home equity loan calculator, you can figure out how much equity you have to work with using two basic formulas. You can either subtract the market value of your home as determined by its sale price from the mortgage balance, or you can subtract the market value as determined by an appraiser by the mortgage balance. If you have done work on a home or think its worth has increased in recent years, you may want to have it appraised so that you have the most possible equity with which to work. Taking the time to use a home equity loan calculator is important so that you have a basic idea of what you have to work with before you talk to a bank.

The Length of Your Loan

Once you have figure out how much equity you have by using a home equity loan calculator, you should then consider how long you want to have this loan. You can grab a loan for as little as five years or as much as even 15 years. If you are borrowing a large sum of money, you may want more time to pay it back. Talk to your bank about your options when it comes to the timeframe of a loan.