Gold Ring Setting: The Trials and Tribulations of Choosing the Right Ring Setting

Any man who is going to propose to his wife may want to have some element of surprise to it of course, but they are going to need to make sure at the same time that they have a good general idea of what sort of personal preference their girlfriend has, and use this to make the decision on what gold ring she would like.

It doesn’t even matter if you get her a cheap gold ring as long as it is quality gold, and you get her a ring in a style that she will love. This is probably the most tricky part of all though, is choosing which gold ring setting to go with. The gold ring setting that you choose is going to have a dramatic effect on what the ring looks like overall.

Even if you were to choose a huge diamond to go in the ring, without a proper gold ring setting, it is just not going to look right and is definitely not going to look as beautiful and extravagant as it should.

There are a few tips for choosing a gold ring setting that are sure to help out here though, and remember to always talk with a professional jewelry professional as well before deciding something like this and spending all that money on a gold ring, especially if you are planning to use it for a proposal.

Choosing a Gold Ring Setting

So when it comes to choosing the setting for the ring, you will have to take the time to learn what the different settings are, and why each is worth it. There is the prong setting for one, which is a very commonly used setting for rings. This setting is also referred to as the claw setting because it resembles a claw coming up and around the gemstone.

This is a good choice because the gemstone will be secure, but prongs tend to catch on clothing and can really be a bother.

There is also the bezel setting which is very popular and this is a metal band that wraps around a circular diamond in order to hold it in place. This is a less delicate look, so it may not be ideal if your girlfriend would rather a more feminine look.

There are other gold ring setting options as well, such as pave and bar, but you need to learn about them all before you can make the best choice.