A Gold Mining Trip To California Can Prove To Be A Very Exciting One

One of the best locations for taking an exciting gold mining trip is in California and more particularly it’s Gold Country. The Mother Lode in California spans more than hundred square miles of land that is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. A gold mining trip may not take you to Mugfuzzle Flats or to Hell-Out-For-Noon City because these mining spots have disappeared over time. However, there are more than fifty other mining camps that span as many as eleven counties that still can prove to be ideal for your gold mining trip.

Gold Mining Trip And Camps

You should try and take a gold mining trip to towns that started off as mining camps but which grew prosperous because of the money coming in from gold mining and which became big and this prosperity ensured that they were able to survive even up to the modern times. However, an exciting time awaits those who also try out the ghost mining towns that are part of some very attractive gold mining trips.

A gold mining trip that takes you down CA-49 or the Mother Lode Highway is not to be spurned as you will get to visit some very exciting mining camps from the early Gold Rush days and which include Auburn’s mining camps as well as those between Auburn and Mariposa.

Northern California was renowned for being the home of the Gold Rush and so your gold mining trip should include a visit to where gold was found in plenty in those parts of California. The lucky prospectors of the day could even scoop up gold in huge amounts straight out from the banks of the wonderful American River.

In those days it was normal for the luckier prospectors to pan for as many as ninety-six ounces of gold in just one pan and the price of those ninety-six ounces of gold today would be around forty thousand dollars.

An exciting gold mining trip to California must include taking in destinations such as Auburn, Placerville, Sutter Creek, Angels Camp, Columbia and Jamestown as too Mariposa. Gold is the yellow colored mineral that has attracted people from the very earliest times. Its symbol is Au and it has an atomic number of seventy-nine. This is the most desired precious metal that is used for various things including making of jewelry and in sculpture as well as for creating attractive ornaments. From the time of its very earliest discovery till the present this is one precious metal for which people continue to desire and many will do anything to get their hands on it.